When you don’t know swiss german

I was in Davos last month for our Annual Meeting 2016. Once I reached my apartment, I was looking for a ‘Clothes Iron’ to press my clothes and get ready for my meeting which was scheduled to happen in an hour. After an extensive search, I realized that the apartment didn’t have one. I called the Apartment owner to locate it inside the apartment. Below is our conversation.

Me: Good Evening Madam! I am calling from Rex 53. I need a clothes iron. Could you please let me know where is it inside the apartment?

Owner: English…No

Me: Iron? Clothes Iron?

Owner: English…No..German?

Me: German…No

Owner: French?

Me: Only English..No French…No German

We both were giggling but couldn’t find a way to communicate to each other. I thanked her and dropped the line. After a few mins, I sent this message below via sms

Iron Box

Within 10 mins, she was at my place with an Iron and we both had a hearty laugh. What Swiss German could not solve, a smartphone solved.

Next time, when you are stuck with Swiss German, you know what to do…:)

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